Scientific Program

Preliminary program subject to change

Monday, 3 December 2018



Session 1: Publication and presentation of studies


Editorial decision making: fair or fanciful?
Sally Marshall, UK


An Editor’s Perspective: The Do’s and Don’ts in Clinical Trial Manuscripts
Richard DonnellyUK

How to write an unattractive clinical trials abstract

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Session 2: Observational and real-life studies: insecure?


Are most pharmacoepidemiological studies data junk? Can confounding be overcome?
Philip Home


Meta-analysis: mostly a confidence trick?
Edoardo Mannucci

  • Meta-analysis of endpoints different from the primary endpoints of the trials included: strengths and weaknesses
  • The impact of methodological choices in designing a meta-analysis: how selection criteria and statistical approaches can affect final results
  • Selective publication and selective disclosure: how systematic reviews and meta-analyses can help.

CVD-REAL: real-value or misleading?
David Fitchett,

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Session 3: Statistical issues for RCTs


Propensity Scores: uses and abuses
Nick Freemantle, UK

  • How do propensity scores work to enable comparisons between different treatments?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of the propensity score approach?
  • Under what circumstances can I trust propensity score analyses?


Hierachical testing: uses and limitations

Multivariable analysis: approaches and interpretation

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Session 4: Safety and tolerability data – insensitive and overwhelming?


Uncommon things commonly occur:  how best to handle 1000's of SAEs

Which PROM? satisfaction, quality of life, and many others

Poster session with presenters and moderators

Tuesday, 4 December 2018



Session 5: Use of CGM in glucose-outcome studies; ensuring validity


What is needed to make it acceptable to regulators?


CGM detected hypoglycaemia: definitions, limitations and added value.
Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard, Denmark


CGM: the problem of hyper-repeated measurement and valid statistical analysis

Panel discussion

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Session 6: RCTs in the medication development programme


What would be the manufacturer wish list?


Are the regulatory authorities looking for changes?
Oliver Schnell, Germany


Have CVOTs gone off the rails – should the paradigm change?
Francesco Giorgino,

Panel discussion

Lunch Break and visit the Exhibition

Session 7: Data issues – from big to long


Can we successfully use data from large populations and diverse datasets (big data)?
Avraham Karasik, Israel


Can site-less and pragmatic studies be trusted?

Understanding legacy effects: epidemiology or metabolic

Antonio Cerielo, Italy

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Session 8: Outcomes: class or individual medication effects?


SGT-2 blockers
Eberhard Standl,


DPP-4 inhibitors
Itamar Raz, Israel



Panel discussion

Congress closing